Proper waterproofing of construction works leads to a safe and long-lasting use of construction sites and buildings. Seasonal rainfalls as well as high groundwater levels pose a threat to both the building’s construction phase and the functioning of finished structures.

By implementing the know-how and experience of our experts we support our clients in the process of selecting appropriate hydro-insulation solutions tailored to specific design requirements. We specialise in waterproof protection systems for engineering and volume constructions, both for ground and underground installations. We offer expert consultations within the scope of selecting appropriate technologies, development of technical documentation and product training.

Our services are addressed at contracting companies, investors, and designers of sizeable projects. We also help individual clients who require assistance with their construction or modernisation works.

Get in touch with us:

  • We offer comprehensive construction management. We are able to offer services and products of the highest possible quality thanks to many years of experience with waterproofing systems as well as efficient co-operation with leading solution manufacturers.
  • We work with design offices when selecting proper waterproofing solutions.
  • We optimise the investment cost through careful selection of safe solutions on the basis of the type and purpose of each object.
  • We conduct analyses and assessment of construction statuses by working with qualified valuators.
  • We provide detailed valuation of solutions, which takes into account real-life material wear and tear.
  • We also conduct training for contractors on site. Our work assessment is supported by reports and certificates.
  • Our solutions are intended for newly-built objects as well as repair and insulation operations.

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